BEC Celebrates 52nd International Literacy Day with #LiteracyChat

The 2018 theme of International Literacy Day was ‘Literacy and skills development’, focusing on youth and adults within the lifelong learning framework. To celebrate International Literacy Day 2018, BEC co-hosted a #LiteracyChat with FHI 360 about evidence for literacy and skills development. Over 100 twitter accounts participated in the online conversation, sharing evidence, experiences, and recommendations. The chat reached over 500,000 twitter accounts and exposed 1.75 million twitter users to the conversation. Here are a few of the contributions: 

Annie Smiley, Ed.D. @anniecsmiley@fhi360 has been doing some qual research on EGR programs in Ghana and Nigeria to understand how coaches and teachers experience the monitoring and coaching system. The result: it motivates them! Stay tuned for more. #literacychat

Nathalie @natlougeFor pre-primary, evidence shows #playbased learning is the most effective way to develop these skills… #LiteracyChat

Heather Simpson @HeatherMSimpson@RoomtoRead- We collect data from #GirlsEducation alumni 1 year out and 5 yrs out of our program. In the long run, some of these girls also participated in our literacy program. We are talking about measuring longer term impact of our literacy program-a resource nut to crack. #LiteracyChat

Amber Gove@AmberGove#LiteracyChat We summarized the approach to and impact of 8 early learning programs implemented in 6 countries (including any available effect sizes) in this article:…

Creative @1977Creative #DigitalLiteracy is critically important. It gives youth the ability to access info and opportunity for #education and careers, like these #youth in #Nicaragua:… #LiteracyChat@aprendoyempren2

Chemonics @Chemonics#Mothertongue instruction allows children to learn to read quicker and learn to love reading! We're implementing mother tongue programs in #DRC, #Rwanda and #Senegal to name a few. Learn more about the success we've had so far… #LiteracyChat

Alison Pflepsen @AlisonPflepsen The @GblReadingNtwk also houses many resources on language and literacy. Check out these recent presentations on language policy, mapping, orthography and materials in EGR programs:,, #LiteracyChat

FHI 360 @fhi360-  Researchers Fernanda Soares and Kirsten Galisson have initiated a study to define PLCs and review evidence on the effect of PLCs in Equatorial Guinea, #Ghana and #Nigeria. You can read about their work here: … #LiteracyChat

For more resources and to review this fun dialogue, check out #literacychat on Twitter