New BEC Board Member: World Learning


For 85 years, World Learning has worked to create a more peaceful and just world through educationsustainable development, and exchange programs that help people find their voices, connect with their communities, and strengthen the institutions that form the backbone of a democratic society. With this support, these emerging leaders tackle critical global issues like poverty, conflict, and inequality.

As a thriving international nonprofit organization, World Learning works across six major program areas. It is hard at work improving global education to ensure schools and teachers have the tools they need to support students — including English language instruction through TESOL teacher training. World Learning encourages civic engagement in communities around the world and strengthens institutions so that they can best serve their constituencies. The organization’s workforce development programs help people cultivate the hard and soft skills they need to succeed. And World Learning offers people-to-people exchanges for people of all ages who seek professional and academic enrichment.

All these programs are grounded in five key approaches: experiential learning, leadership development, inclusive practices, innovation, and grants management. World Learning believes in partnering with local experts, organizations, and institutions to find solutions that will truly work for each community. 

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