Basic Education Coalition Statement on Suspension of Aid to the Northern Triangle

U.S. international education assistance is an important and effective tool in the fight to end poverty and violence in the Northern Triangle. When children are in school and learning, they are also safe and protected from harm. When parents know their children are receiving a quality education, families and communities are in turn more resilient and hopeful for the future.

The Administration’s decision to suspend funding for foreign assistance programs in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala will jeopardize international efforts to stabilize the region and provide opportunities for families in need. USAID’s education programs provide students with safe and equitable access to quality education so that children develop the necessary skills to build a life for themselves.

Members of the Basic Education Coalition work in partnership with USAID every day in Central America to help children learn how to read, address gender-based violence in schools, provide trainings on evidence-based teaching practices, equip youth with the skills needed for a successful career, establish community-based service-learning programs, and expand access to learning materials and technology.

Suspending U.S. funding for these critical activities will only further exacerbate local tensions and decrease the likelihood that children in these communities will grow up safe, educated, and ready to pursue a vibrant and prosperous future.

The Basic Education Coalition is grateful to the Members of Congress who have already spoken out in support of foreign assistance to this region and vowed to oppose the Administration’s decision to suspend aid funding. Continued U.S. support for Central America is vital to ensure that children and youth have access to safe, quality education and opportunities to participate in the 21st century economy.

The Basic Education Coalition is a group of leading U.S.-based organizations and academic institutions working together to promote global peace and prosperity through education.