FY18 Appropriations

The Senate State Foreign Operations Appropriation bill was approved on September 7th. you can find the Majority’s summary here and the Minority’s here. A brief overview of the bill:

  • $51.2 billion in topline spending with $30.4 billion in base and $20.8 billion in OCO. This is a 1.7% cut from FY17, excluding the defense supplemental and famine relief.
  • Basic education was appropriated $500 million for FY18, with $75 million earmarked for multilateral organizations. This was not unexpected, as the Senate bill is generally less than the House. 
    • In comparison:
      • The House FY18 SFOPS bill allocated $800 million, with $87.5 multilaterals towards multilaterals
      • President Trump’s request for basic ed for FY18 was $377.901 million
      • The FY17 final numbers for basic education were $800 million, with $75 million towards multilaterals.
  • The report language for basic education, which now includes secondary education, highlights the pipeline (which is now at $2.295 billion) and supports greater emphasis on adolescent girls education. 

The House of Representatives will be voting on a 8 bill appropriations Omnibus the week of September 11th.