President's FY19 Budget Request

The President’s FY19 Budget Request proposed a 30% cut to the International Affairs Budget relative to the FY17 enacted level. Last year, the President also suggested deep cuts in the FY18 Budget Request, but Congress rose to the occasion and spoke out in defense of US foreign assistance. For an in depth analysis of the President’s FY19 International Affairs Budget Request, reference USGLC’s “Groundhog Budget.”

Basic Education was once again targeted for drastic cuts in the FY19 Budget Request. The Administration proposed $394,530,000 for Basic Education, which would be a 51% cut from the FY17 enacted level ($800,000,000). BEC will continue to work with partner organizations and allies on the Hill to ensure strong support for Basic Education throughout the FY19 appropriations process.

In other Administration news, President Trump announced on March 13th that he will be placing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State with former Congressman and current CIA Director Mike Pompeo. BEC will work with Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff to submit Questions for the Record on the importance of international basic education for Director Pompeo’s confirmation hearing in April.