November 2nd Update

Budget and FY18 Appropriations

Negotiations continue between Congressional leadership. Leader McConnell (R-KY) is confidant that they can reach a deal before the December 8th deadline (when the government runs out of funding) although there are rumors that another Continuing Resolution may have to be considered when the current one expires.

Ambassador Green SFOPS Hearing

On Tuesday, October 31st, Ambassador Green testified before the House SFOPS subcommittee. You can find the full hearing here but some noteworthy quotes include:

  • “USAID is an essential component of our national security. And I am confident that you believe as do I that international development is critical to maintaining US global leadership and protecting our national security.” – Ranking Member Lowey
  •  “As former foreign policy and defense leaders have often said…in a world as complex are ours, with our national security under threat more than perhaps ever before we need to be able to deploy the entirety of our statecraft toolbox. This must include our most sophisticated development and humanitarian tools. At USAID we embrace this mission.” – Administrator Green

State/USAID Redesign

A sign on letter is circulating in the House of Representatives, spearheaded by Representatives Adam Smith and Ted Yoho. The letter is directed at OMB Director Mulvaney, asking that his office fully engage with Congress, as well as key stakeholders in international development, when considering State Department and USAID reform proposals before they are sent to the President. Mr. Smith and Yoho’s offices have asked for organizations to endorse this letter, as they are gathering signers. The Basic Education Coalition has endorsed this letter.