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Who We Are:
The Basic Education Coalition is an independent, non-profit advocacy organization working to ensure that all children around the world have access to a quality basic education. The Coalition is comprised of 26 member organizations with technical expertise and experience in all aspects of global basic education programs and policies. We are the only U.S. consortium of major international development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy organizations working together to advance the cause of universal basic education.

What We Believe:
The Coalition strongly believes that basic education – literacy, numeracy, critical thinking and life skills – offers children the best hope of lifting themselves from a life of poverty and despair, and is the foundation for all other development objectives.

We believe basic education directly impacts all aspects of human development, including economic growth, health, nutrition, agricultural production, women and girls’ empowerment, human rights, and security. Investing in basic education is a key tool of U.S. “smart power” and is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve long-term sustainable development.

Where We Came From:
The Basic Education Coalition was established in 2001 to help advance the global commitments made at the 2000 World Education Forum in Dakar, Senegal. The Coalition was created to ensure that United States government policy and funding decisions effectively fulfill the U.S. pledge at Dakar to support the goal of “Education for All” (EFA) by 2015.

What We Do:
Together with our partner organizations, the Coalition works to influence U.S. policymakers in Congress and the Administration to enhance the effectiveness of U.S. global education programs and policies and increase the resources devoted to global basic education, while also raising public awareness of the importance of educating all children around the world.

Why Basic Education:
Universal access to a quality basic education is essential to:

  • poverty reduction and economic growth
  • improved health and nutrition
  • gender equity
  • civil society, democracy and political stability
  • stemming the spread of infectious disease, including HIV/AIDS
  • reducing exploitative child labor
  • promoting understanding, tolerance and hope
  • child and maternal health

For a quick overview of the Basic Education Coalition, download our factsheet.  For more information about our advocacy work, read our 2013 Annual Report.

For additional information on the Basic Education Coalition, including form 990s, please see our profile on Guidestar.

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