Key Issues

Today, 61 million children remain out of school around the world, and tens of millions more drop out each year because the education they do receive is of such poor quality.  By failing to gain basic literacy, numeracy, and life skills, these children miss out on the opportunity to fulfill their potential. The majority of them live in poor, rural areas, and many live in areas of conflict.   In order to change this situation, we are focusing on the following key issues:

Our Members’ Work

Members of the Basic Education Coalition are working to improve the effectiveness of education systems in developing countries around the world by:

  • Developing and implementing tools to assess learning
  • Training teachers
  • Improving curriculum
  • Working with parent and community groups
  • Collaborating with Ministries of Education on systemic reform
  • Building and rehabilitating schools
  • Providing resources and technology
  • Increasing girls’ access to education by reducing cultural and economic barriers
  • Focusing on vulnerable groups, including children in conflict, disabled children
    and the severely poor
  • Striving to achieve the goals of Education for All

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