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2012 – UNICEF – State of the World’s Children 2012

2012 – UNESCO – Practical Guidelines for Supporting EDUCAIDS Implementation

2012 – Save the Children – State of the World’s Mothers Report 2012

2013 – Basic Education Coalition – Teach a Child, Transform a Nation

The 2013 update of Teach a Child, Transform a Nation reviews the status of basic education around the world, highlighting the key role education plays in all facets of human development.  While the report celebrates the progress countries around the world have made toward improving access to education, it points to the significant challenges remaining to ensure that all children around the world have the opportunity to receive a quality basic education.

2011 – UNICEF/Save the Children – Progress in Child Well-Being: Building on What Works

This report finds that children around the world are doing better than ever. Compared to just a few decades ago, fewer young children are dying each day, fewer children are living in poverty and more children are well-fed and in school.
The good news for decision makers is that there seems to be a path to extending these gains: Evidence suggests that they have resulted from strong, explicit national commitments to invest in children, supportive policies, and greater and well-targeted development assistance. Going forward, efforts will have the greatest impact if focused on the most disadvantaged, where childhood deprivation is increasingly concentrated.

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