The US investment in international basic education has yielded remarkable results to date and we must capitalize on those results to ensure the goal of universal access to a quality education is met.

To do so, the Basic Education Coalition staff engages U.S. policymakers, domestic and international partner organizations, and the public to advance the goal of universal access to a quality basic education.  We focus specifically on the following issues:


As Congress now grapples with difficult spending choices, the Basic Education Coalition recommends the U.S. government increase  the level of funding for basic education programs in fiscal year 2013 to $925 million, the level enacted in FY2010.  This recommendation is warranted by the global need, recent trends in U.S. basic education spending, and demonstrated results of our past investments.


The Coalition is actively involved in shaping U.S. government policy decisions – in both Congress and the Administration – on a number of critical issues affecting basic education:

  • U.S. prioritization of basic education as a key element of global development
  • Improving the quality of basic education
  • Ensuring USAID capacity, coordination and leadership
  • Empowering, women and girls through quality basic education
  • Implementation of indicators of learning outcomes and systemic reform
  • Education in countries impacted by disaster, such as Haiti
  • Effective multilateral assistance and collaboration
  • Education of children in countries affected by conflict and fragility
  • Early childhood education and development
  • Addressing the education needs of out-of-school youth
  • Country-led development, accountability, sustainability and other principles of aid effectiveness
  • Improved monitoring and evaluation of basic education programs
  • Education as a tool of national security and economic stability
  • Safe schools
  • HIV/AIDS and education
  • Foreign aid reform

Outreach and Coordination

The Coalition is working with key partner organizations to build greater U.S. and international awareness, interest and support for the Education for All goals.

Learn about our ongoing advocacy activities:

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